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YARG is a platformer where a kind and friendly AI cheers you on through extremely difficult tests designed to test the limits of human determination and patience. It believes in you! Don't fail it!

Jump, die, die, die and die to (eventually) be able to overcome devilishly difficult challenges. Avoid spikes, lasers, drones, sawblades and ██████ so you can escape*. This test will give us me so much good data! Thanks again!

  • 30 one-screen levels that allow you to plan the perfect path through them as soon as you see them.
  • A difficulty curve that's tough, but not unfair.
  • A story that's unlocked through optional collectibles. Oh that's weird, how did that get there?
  • Rage Mode, unlocked after your first playthrough, in which you must beat the entire game with only 6 lives and no saving at all. A real test of skill, but I know you can do it!
  • Make your own levels with the included level editor!
  • Designed for keyboards, but fully playable with controllers.
  • Highly moddable. Want to add new levels? You can. What about new music, or a new story, or new cutscenes? Go ahead! All of the game's files are out in the open for you to tinker with if you're interested!

You don't remember how you got here, but you suddenly woke up inside some kind of underground facility of sorts. While finding your way out, you spot a giant screen, which suddenly comes to life and displays... a face? "Oh, hello!", it says. "Welcome to the testing track!"

Eventually, you re█lize th█t t██ pu██o██ of ███ ████ [FILE ACCESS DENIED]

Don't worry about all that! We I am just testing something about... perseverance! Yeah, that's it! And we'll even pay you a whole two thousand Ausvaros for participating!
...Did I say "we"? I meant "I".

* Escaping not guaranteed.


Buy Now$5.99 USD or more

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YARG (v.1.1.1) 150 MB
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