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A one-screen rage platformer that wants you to succeed!

YARG is a platformer where you avoid the usual obstacles (spikes, sawblades, your perception of reality, drones...) while a friendly AI cheers you on all the way through. But something's off about it... is it hiding something?


Genre:2D platformer
Gameplay verbs:Precision jumping, timing, planning a path, collecting diskettes...
Tags:Difficult, Rage Game, Singleplayer, Dark Humour, Pixel Art
Platforms:Windows (Steam, Itch.io)
Playtime:1-2 hours (not including subsequent playthroughs to get all the story collectibles)
Price:$5.99 USD
Release date:September 16th 2022


  • How many levels are there?
    Over 30 one-screen levels, not including "break" levels between them.
  • Can I make my own levels?
    Yes! The level editor I used to build the game is included with it, and custom levels can be easily accessed from the main menu!
  • Is there a story?
    Yes! It is told both through narration and through 15 optional collectibles.
  • Are there multiple endings?
    There are two endings, one of them being unlocked after 100%-ing the game.
  • A game set in a science-y place featuring an overseeing AI. How original...
    No spoilers, but I feel like I've done some things with the concept that I haven't seen in other games. The most apparent one is that the AI isn't evil as with most other media that uses this trope, but there's much more to know about the game's world.
  • How many lives do you have?
    In Normal Mode, you have unlimited lives. Despite this being a rage game, I wanted to reward success rather than penalize failure (which will happen often).
    ...that said, there is an entirely optional Rage Mode that gives you 6 lives and no checkpoints. If you want to rage at this game, believe me, this'll do it.


In YARG, all you must do is get to the end of the level, which is always on the right side of the screen. However, there are many things that'll stop you, from drones that hunt you down, to lasers that are deceptively simple (as in hard) to dodge, to spikes that stay stationary and don't do much of anything at all.

Plus, the AI will give you bad jokes and fun one-sided conversation while you're doing your best to survive. At least it's keeping you company!

The game takes 1 to 2 hours to complete once, but it provides plenty of reasons to replay it (Rage Mode, unlocking all the collectibles, multiple endings, playing through custom levels...).

"Who even made this thing and why?":

Hello! I'm Santiago, or Santum for very slightly short, and I'm a 19 year old (as of writing) game developer from Argentina.

I started making this game sometime around 2019. It was originally meant to be a small, simple rage platformer with an AI that would laugh at your failures and just generally be a big meanie. This idea, and indeed the whole project, was abandoned shortly after.

However, in late 2020, I decided to give it another go. The AI's sarcastic remarks became genuine ("Oh, you're doing so well..." became "Wow! You're doing really well!"), more obstacles were added, a proper story was built around the game, and before I knew it, I had something that was actually fun to play (in my totally unbiased opinion)!

YARG (formerly "Yet Another Rage Game", which is now more of a subtitle) is my first proper commercial game. And, even if it's just a silly pixel art platformer made by a novice game dev in his bedroom, it's still something that I'm very happy with.

If you end up giving it a shot, let me know what you think of it!

Assets and screenshots:

These assets and more can be downloaded at the bottom of this page!

Links and contact:

Please email this account for key requests or any other question related to the game. Be sure to include the password "password" in your email! It's just a very simple anti-spam measure.

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