A downloadable demo for Windows

In this arcade-ish game, you're the final boss. Will you stop the hero from saving the princess?

This is a demo for Bossing Around DX, a game currently in development!

Keyboard controls:

WASD - Move

Shift (held) - Sprint

J - Meteorites (10 second cooldown)

K - Projectiles (3 second cooldown)

XBOX controller controls:

Dpad/Left Stick/Right Stick - Move

A -Jump

B - Sprint

Left Shoulder Button/X - Meteorites (10 second cooldown)

Right Shoulder Button/Y - Projectiles (3 second cooldown)

Also try out the original, game jam version! How far we've come...

MD5: 469AB384451CCE524EC70E08438C896E

SHA-1: D5A497A332B9D427D650C2D795DDC5795CBEE4BF


Bossing Around DX Demo 25 MB

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